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The Listing Step By Step

  • Title Search to be completed & Owner ID confirmed
  • Agent to book photographer and do text for  advertising as agreed to with seller
  • Agent to order Signboard & have erected
  • Agent to Load Listing onto all websites
  • Agent to utilise Database details of new listing
  • Book all marketing material
  • Book Open Homes
  • Rregular communication from the  agent through the marketing process. Discuss price  adjustments & review marketing if required
  • Agent to introduce potential buyers – all offers will be presented to the seller
  • Seller can accept, reject or counter the offer
  • Once the offer is accepted with conditions &
    vprice agreed the Sale – settlement process will begin




Once An Offer Has Been Accepted

  • Once the contract has been signed by all parties it will be  processed by the Sales administrator
  • The Agent will remind the buyer of their requirements to pay  the deposit & obtain finance approval (where required) with  the dates on the sales contract
  • All conditions of the offer are to be met by the sellers &  buyers as per the Sale contract. Copies of paperwork to confirm  these conditions are to be supplied to the agent as per the  Contract terms eg Building Reports & Pest Inspections
  • The Settlement Agent/conveyancer will be notified to  commence the settlement process. The Agent is to provide  finance approval & confirm completion of any Special  Conditions
  • The Property is deemed to be “Sold” & ready for settlement  when all the conditions have been met. These must be within  the time frames of the contract
  • Where the contract has a Final Inspection, this to be arranged  by the agent – electrical & gas appliances etc. (as per the  sales contract) are to be checked by the buyer
  • The Settlement Agent/Conveyancer will communicate regularly  through the process. In some states the conveyancer will require  further confirmation of ID
  • The conveyancer will require paperwork (eg Transfer of Land) to  be signed – all parties should attend to this in a timely manner  & advise if they will be unavailable at any time during the  settlement process
  • The property will be required to be ready on the settlement  date (as per the sales contract) & keys to all doors &  windows available for handover after settlement has been  confirmed
  • Conveyancer & Agent will confirm when settlement has  been completed.